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Andrea Quartacorda

Step Up Your Rope: Creative Freestyling

Level: All

Friday 15 September


Outdoor Area

During my travels in Japan, all the teachers I’ve worked with have stressed the importance of tying with freedom and fantasy, outside of the pre-established ties and progressions.

While playing with ropes, beginners and experts alike often forget there is this possibility and end up sticking with the same patterns.

The so called freestyle isn’t about trying without any logic, it’s the possibility of using known techniques  to develop new possibilities and to tie without fixed steps just by using our partner’s inspiration and our own.

In this intermediate level workshop we will show you the guide lines and suggest some progressions that can be used as a creative start for your freestyle; we will do both aibu and semenawa.

In order to participate you must know how to do single and double column ties and have some experience with ropes. You will also need at least four natural fibers ropes (no cotton, suggested loose lay jute),

5-6mm diameter, 7-8m length.

Technical requirements: suspension.



“Stretching for Bondage: Be Bendy, Be Riskless

Level: All

Friday 15 September


Outdoor Area

Bondage for bottoms is an activity that involves the physical body before all emotional aspects.

During rope play our body, muscles and are joints fully employed so the body might undergo some twisting.

For this reason our body must be able to get in the positions required by the ropes without excessive efforts, to avoid injuries and fully enjoy the moment.

During this brief workshop we will work omn a series of warming up and stretching exercises that can be combined with and useful for rope activities.

The exercises will involve both the upper (shoulders, arms and back) and lower (pelvis and legs) part of the body.

The workshop is open to whoever wants to improve themselves in anticipation of their rope play regardless of their physical fitness and health.

You will need a Fitness Mat


Sandro Esse & Maiko

Emotional Ropes

Level: All

Saturday 16 September


Outdoor Area

Through this brief workshop they will introduce the basic aspects of communication between top and bottom through ropes.

How to use ropes to convey emotions, how to measure the intensity and intention of gestures.

The importance of focusing on the bottom: understanding the model’s stress, knowing how to handle a series of actions in order to help her through critical moments or on the contrary making her job harder.