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Ritual is a new vision in Modern Fetish Clubbing.

A physical and mental environment where people can explore self-expression, cherish their fetish, push the limits of their bodies, dress up to the nines or get down to some banging tune, submit or instigate, jump in or just stand by…

Ritual was kick-started on December 7, 1999 by a group of clubbers fed up with the static and No-Nrg Italian club scene who looked for inspiration in innovative events like Torture Garden in the UK. This new party immediately established itself as a must-go-to monthly event among like-minded alternative clubbers and the fetish crowd and now, after 9 years of activity, Ritual can prudly claim to have hosted some of the most forward thinking artists, ground breaking performers, rule shattering musicians, awe inspiring DJs and utterly mad clubbers.

All Ritual parties are organized with a keen eye to the subject of sexuality and the body, to alternative subcultures and new artistic media, with the aim to coordinate performances, projections, live acts, visuals, Installations and venues depending on the chosen theme of the event.

But Ritual has to be first and foremost a club experience and as such it delivers high energy beats to warp your body around, with tunes ranging from the hardest styles of house, trance and techno to pumping electro and the toughest industrial and TBM tracks, while reserving heavy doses of dark and ritualistic music for dedicated floors.

As Ritual is event-based and stubbornly free of ties to any specific club, in its life it has brought its clubbing concept all over Rome (its natual home base) with periodic events in other Italian cities. And in all these years Ritual has been honoured to have several valued guests like for example: Amrita; Andi Sex Gang Live; Atomizer; Atsuko Kudo; Avenue D; Bijou Noir; Cecilia Bravo; Crazy White Sean; Dave Tusk; David TG; Dj Allen TG; Dj Francesca (Slimelight); Dj Jimmy Mofo; Dj Mak (Slimelight); Dj Pete (Slimelight); Dj Ting; Dj Vortex; Dominic Johnson; Drachnmann; Fetish Dolly; Gobsausage; Esmè Bianco; Empress Stah; FAQ; Fil Ok; H & H; Isabella Santacroce; Kumi Monster; Lab 4; Lucifire; Mundus Absurdus; Noblesse Oblige; Psycho Cyborgs; Roxy; Rubber Doll; S.E.C.T.; Skoid; Suka Off; TG Clothing; Vivid Angel and VNV Nation.


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