Red Lily

Red Lily

Red ropes that build love connections: this is Red Lily’s bondage.

Red Lily is a performer and Shibari teacher. She started her path towards becoming a rigger many years ago, at first as an apprentice, then as MaestroBD’s assistant. She continued the study of Shibari with different teachers all around the world, following courses of Kazami Ranki, Hajime Kinoko, Mosafir, Gorgone, Esinem, Osada Steve, Andrea Ropes, Pedro Cordas.She studied reiki to better understand how to deal with energies.

She is the Art Director of Ritual LAB, co-founder and Art Director of Rome Bondage Week, resident rigger at Ritual The Club and Torture Garden Italy, organiser of Rope’n’Play peer rope, co-author of the book Bondage, la via italiana all’arte di legare published by Castelvecchi in 2010.

Red Lily has performed on stages all around the world with her artistic research and she collaborates with some of the queens of Italian burlesque, in line with her seductive and feminine idea of bondage. She researches new forms of expression tied to bondage outside of BDSM standards, to discover emotions that reach deep within the soul rather than just reaching the flesh. She leads bondage classes in Rome with Ritual LAB project, she teaches and performs often abroad in big events and festivals such as Eurix, Moscow Knot, RopeFest, L’École des Cordes and holds workshops in the main Italian and European cities.