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Alice Kitsune

Alice Kitsune, young switchy rigger based in Rome, discovered ropes by accident in October 2014, when she was randomly seated next to Red Lily, attending a sexology conference, and then going out for pizza together [...]

Andrea Ropes

Andrea Ropes is an Italian professional rigger Bologna-based with more than ten years of experience in Japanese bondage. He travels a lot through Italy, Europe and Japan to learn new techniques, do shows and teach. Fascinated [...]

Armony Kinbaku

After having been tied for years, Armony started to tie herself and others. She attended a lot of workshops and has been influenced by many styles. Gentle or rough, she is always playful, especially with [...]


Clementine is an Italian nude and erotic model, a professional rope model and a self-suspension performer. She discovered her love for Shibari three years ago in Rome, starting her walk through this world with MaestroBD. At the [...]


Coldeyes is a Pole Dance teacher and a Kinbaku performer. She discovered Kinbaku in 2015 thanks to Andrea of La Quarta Corda, with whom she realized various photographic projects such as Keibatsu, inspired by traditional Japanese [...]

Dark Shibari

He became interested in rope as an extension to the visual universe he had already created in his photography. He began exploring the esthetic side of bondage, but quickly became drawn to the complexity and [...]

Dirty Von P

He started Kinbaku at the end of 2013. He tried different style before choosing Naka Ryu. From that point, he started to learn on regular basis with Riccardo Wildties. For 2 years he attended his [...]


Edna tied her first knots in 2011 and since then she developed her very own style of tying. She learned how to tie from many excellent riggers (including Gorgone, Riccardo Wildties, Yoroi Nicolas and many [...]


Gestalta’s approach to shibari has evolved as the result of over a decade of practice on both sides of the ropes and a broad range of influences which she appropriates, mixes and develops in her [...]

June Blackbird

Curious, eclectic, artist and bottom for passion and inherently, June is initially attracted to ropes only from an artistic point of view. What intrigues her about ropes is their aesthetic, their provocative power, the grace, [...]


KissmedeadlyDoll is a NYC based designer, rope lover, and avid self-suspender. After discovering her love of rope as a demo model, she quickly began recreating and practicing ties on her own.. thus starting her foray [...]

La Quarta Corda

Andrea is the rope artist of La Quarta Corda. He's interested in the most traditional Japanese bondage. He studied in Japan with Akira Naka and Haruki Yukimura. La Quarta Corda's style is based on communicating through ropes. His [...]

Mildred S. Pierce

Mildred S. Pierce is a rope bottom performer, photographer, and bondage enthusiast. She has participated in live shows as a rope performance artist throughout New York City with her creative counterpart Kissmedeadlydoll. They have also [...]

Osaka Dan

Osaka Dan discovered the art of Japanese Rope Bondage whilst on a working holiday in Osaka, Japan in the late 00’s. He began studying with Kazami Ranki in 2012, consequentially becoming the first foreigner granted [...]

Red Lily

Red ropes that build love connections: this is Red Lily's bondage. Red Lily is a performer and Shibari teacher. She started her path towards becoming a rigger many years ago, at first as an apprentice, [...]

Sacro Marte

Sacro Marte's style focuses on interaction, connection and emotional exchange at a very deep and primal level. For Sacro Marte, ropes are a medium to explore sensations and emotions of the wild side of the [...]


Sarca is a polyhedric autodidact artist. As a rigger, he feels like a sculptor: the model is both his muse and his sculpture. Aesthetics, choreography and scenic impact are the main points of  his own [...]

Seb Kinbaku

Seb Kinbaku discovered Shibari 10 years ago as a photographer. He has been practicing for 5 years only. He studied the human mind and body first by mastering Tantra and Tui-Na and working as a [...]

Shining Blue

Ropes-addicted ever since ropes became a part of her life 8 years ago, she has been a bunny for different Italian riggers, including Davide La Greca, Andrea Ropes, Sarca Martello. What she looks for in [...]


Her discover with ropes and BDSM world started at the end of 2012, the curiosity took her in front of some yaoi manga, but the very first kinbaku session was a couple of weeks after [...]

Usagi Momo

Usagi Momo is a model and a Kinbaku performer who started in 2011. She performed in shows throughout Europe with many important international riggers.


Model and eclectic artist, she experienced ropes for the first time in 2016 thanks to Sarca, with whom she began fusing her every artistic expression: make up, costume design and Opera singer. She daily practices [...]