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Alice Kitsune – Rome, Italy
Andrea Quartacorda – Florence, Italy
Andrea Ropes – Bologna, Italy
Canitt – Barcelona, Spain
Clementine – Bologna, Italy
Felix Ruckert – Berlin, Germany
Fred Rx Barbee – Gainesville, Florida, USA
Hedwig – Malmö, Sweden
Masashirow – Rome, Italy
Mosafir – St. Petersburg, Russia
Nicolas Yoroï – Bruxelles, Belgium
Nina Russ – London, UK
Pedro Cordas – Lisbon, Portugal
Red Lily – Rome, Italy
Sandro Esse – Bologna, Italy
Sarca – Viareggio, Italy
Ze Royale – New York, USA



Ambrita Sunshine – Rome, Italy
Clementine – Bologna, Italy
Chiara Fenice – Bologna, Italy
Coldeyes – Florence, Italy
Elisa Farnese – Rome, Italy
Emily – Prague, Czech Republic
Maiko – Bologna, Italy
Sara Steel – Rome, Italy
Sarura – Bruxelles, Belgium
Serena Perfetto – Rome, Italy
Trixie – Malmö, Sweden
Usagi Momo – Milan, Italy
Winter – Viareggio, Italy

Alice Kitsune

Alice Kitsune ha scoperto le corde per caso nell'ottobre 2014, trovandosi seduta accanto a Red Lily durante una conferenza di sessuologia, a cui è seguita una pizza insieme. Il giorno dopo è stata sospesa per [...]

Andrea Ropes

Andrea Ropes è un rigger professionista italiano di Bologna con più di dieci anni di esperienza nel bondage giapponese. Viaggia molto per l'Italia, l'Europa e il Giappone per imparare nuove tecniche, fare spettacoli e insegnare. [...]


Clementine è un'alternative model e bondage performer. Ha iniziato il suo percorso nello Shibari con MaestroBD, con cui è andata in scena al Boundcon di Monaco di Baviera, dove ha conosciuto e iniziato a collaborare [...]

La Quarta Corda

Andrea La Quarta Corda è un violinista e rigger interessato in particolar modo al bondage tradizionale giapponese. Ha studiato in Giappone con Akira Naka e Haruki Yukimura. Il suo stile, che mescola tradizione e personalizzazione, si [...]

Red Lily

Corde rosse che costruiscono legami d’amore: questo è il bondage di Red Lily, performer e insegnante di Shibari. Red Lily inizia il suo percorso da rigger molti anni fa, prima come allieva, poi come assistente [...]


Sarca è un poliedrico artista toscano che spazia tra pittura, scultura, scenografia, design e fotografia. Rigger autodidatta, il suo approccio alle corde è simile a quello dello scultore: la modella è infatti allo stesso tempo [...]


Canitt is a Spanish rigger from Barcelona and he discovered his interest in shibari at the end of 2015. He first approached to western style bondage, as a way to explore an alternative sexuality, when he [...]

Felix Ruckert

He discovered Japanese Rope Bondage in 1999 and he studied with some of the most renowned japanese and western masters. Amongst his first teachers were Matthias T.J. Grimme, Midori, Shadow, Bruce Esinem and Osada Steve. [...]

Fred Rx Barbee

Fred's relationship with rope has taken many forms and has been ever present in his life. From scouts, to rigging, to rock climbing and now rope bondage. He began tying in 2011, with american and [...]


Hedwig is a queer feminist, poly, switchy femme, born, raised and currently residing in Sweden. She picked up rope after having moved to London and exploring the rope scene there. Hedwig is passionate about communication, [...]


He became interested in Japanese rope bondage in 2012. Masashirow thinks about ropes as media to share emotions, passion and eroticism. He believes in hard study and constant application. Student of Wildties, he started with the Kinbaku [...]


He became interested in shibari in 2009. He saw some pictures and fell in love. In the same year he founded the St. Petersburg Community of Shibari-Lovers. that turned into the St. Petersburg shibari-club Yugen. He [...]

Nicolas Yoroï

Nicolas Yoroï develops an intimate and humanist kinbaku practice, emphasizing connection, emotional exchange and the uniqueness of the relationship between the rigger and the tied. He has lived for 4 years in Japan, in Tokyo. There, he had [...]

Nina Russ

Nina Russ is a London-based shibari artist and she wants you to discover Japanese rope bondage through her eyes. This perspective sees it as an art which creates deep connection between the participants and also [...]

Pedro Cordas

His obsession with rope started in 2003 with Osada Steve at Studio 6, Tokyo. In 2004, a new journey began when he took classes with Nawashi Akechi Denki Sensei. After the Sensei’s death in 2005, he continued [...]

Sandro Esse

He got in touch with Shibari just seeing a picture and he suddenly was fascinated. He began to research, he discovered Hikari Kesho's photography, learned from him the first rudiments of the discipline and studied [...]

Ze Royale

Ze is a writer, performance artist, sexual anarchist whose philosophy of subjectivity and individualism are themes in all of their work. Provocation, eccentricity, and erotic neurosis are shown through visual representation. Ze performs text through chanting rituals in the music duo Zoid^, [...]


Coldeyes scopre il kinbaku nel 2015 grazie all’incontro con Andrea de La Quarta Corda, con cui inizia a realizzare vari progetti fotografici tra cui il set Keibatsu, ispirato alle torture tradizionali giapponesi. Diventati compagni di corde [...]

Usagi Momo

Usagi Momo è un'alternative model e performer di Kinbaku. Ha iniziato nel 2011 e si è esibita in tutta Europa con alcuni trai più importanti rigger internazionali.

Ambrita Sunshine

Ambrita Sunshine is a Queer dancer and choreographer who has mixed different artistic disciplines in an ironic and irriverent fusion style, including BDSM and Bondage in particular. In the last few years she dedicated herself to [...]

Elisa Farnese

Elisa Farnese is a shibari model and performer. Three years ago, she met Red Lily and her red ropes: it was love at first sight.  She performed in shows in Italy and Europe and collaborated [...]


Emily was introduced to shibari two years ago and she is a passionate rope bottom. She has had the opportunity to work with some very well known riggers in Europe. Some of whom have drastically [...]


She became fascinated at an early age with the rules and the psychological aspects of BDSM. She then discovered ropes through Tomas Gallio and started taking lessons from Andrea Ropes and Andrea Quartacorda, until she met [...]

Sara Steel

Sara Steel is a Shibari model and a self-suspension performer. She started in 2013 with Stefano Laforgia and has collaborated as a bunny with many important riggers in shows and educational events in Italy and Europe.

Serena Perfetto

Petite, colorful, coy and curious: Serena Perfetto can be easily described by these few words. Latex lover and rope enthusiast, she’s always looking for inspiration and new ways to amuse herself.


Trixie is a swedish model and rope bunny. She discovered rope five years ago and has since become an experienced rope lover who has performed and co-taught classes in various venues. For Trixie ropes are [...]