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What am I paying for with the whole festival ticket?

The whole festival ticket allows you to participate in all five days and evenings of activities, from opening to closing. With the purchase of the pre-sale until the 10th of August, the whole Rome Bondage Week festival ticket will cost €120. Purchasing it from the 11th of August to the 10th of September will cost €150 instead. Considering that the ticket at the door will cost €180, you will save €60 until the 10th of August and €30 until the 10th of September. The festival lasts for 5 days. €120 divided for 5 days is €24 a day. Considering the hours instead, the festival will last for 60 hours. 60 actual bondage hours. €120 divided for 60 hours is €2 an hour. With the purchase of the pre-sale until the 10th of August, the festival will therefore conly cost €2 an hour.

What’s included in the full package?

– Wednesday evening Peer Rope Opening Party;
– Thursday Discovering the Art of Bondage cultural night with the screening of a documentary and an art exhibit on the theme, preparatory workshop on safety, buffet, Meet&Share;
– all the guest italian and foreign riggers’ shows;
– all the base and intermediate level workshops taught by italian riggers for an average of at least 4 hours a day;
– all the workshops for bunnies;
– free use for the whole festival of the permanent bondage area, a sort of bondage gym where you will be constantly supervised and assisted by all of the guest riggers, italian and foreign, always ready to correct and advise you, to keep practicing in between workshops. You will be tying shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest riggers in the world.
– Saturday night Ritual event.

If I just want to come to the Saturday Ritual event but I’m not taking part in the festival, can I just pay for that separately?

Yes, even those who don’t take part in the festival can attend the saturday Ritual event. The cost of the entry ticket for the Ritual event alone is €15 on the list, €20 at the door.

Do bunnies pay?

Yes, bunnies pay. We believe bunnies not to be merely trappings who follow riggers as a personal favour, but an integral part of a couple devoted to bondage, users who for all intents and purposes clearly have an interest in the discipline, take pleasure in it, learn, attend shows. For this reason too we have planned workshops specifically designed for bunnies.

Who will teach and who will only perform?

All the guest italian and foreign riggers will offer both workshops and shows.

Is it possible to only pay for the shows?

No, the shows are not divided from the workshops, therefore both the full package and the daily tickets include the workshops during the day and the evening shows, considered a connected and united itinerary, a great continuous interactive show.