Emily was introduced to shibari two years ago and she is a passionate rope bottom. She has had the opportunity to work with some very well known riggers in Europe. Some of whom have drastically changed her perspective and molded her views along the way. Since her introduction she has become a rather experienced rope [...]

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She became fascinated at an early age with the rules and the psychological aspects of BDSM. She then discovered ropes through Tomas Gallio and started taking lessons from Andrea Ropes and Andrea Quartacorda, until she met Riccardo Wildties and his Kinbaku Luxuria school, falling in love with his style. She practiced for more than a year with [...]

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Trixie is a swedish model and rope bunny. She discovered rope five years ago and has since become an experienced rope lover who has performed and co-taught classes in various venues. For Trixie ropes are about trust and surrender, the power of the body, mind and the emotional exchange.

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