Alice Kitsune

Alice Kitsune, young switchy rigger based in Rome, discovered ropes by accident in October 2014, when she was randomly seated next to Red Lily, attending a sexology conference, and then going out for pizza together right away. The next day she got suspended for her first time, the day after that she started tying and [...]

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Andrea Ropes

Andrea Ropes is an Italian professional rigger Bologna-based with more than ten years of experience in Japanese bondage. He travels a lot through Italy, Europe and Japan to learn new techniques, do shows and teach. Fascinated by bondage aesthetic as a form of art, he started as an autodidact, then took lessons from Kanna Nawashi, Haruki [...]

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Clementine is an Italian nude and erotic model, a professional rope model and a self-suspension performer. She discovered her love for Shibari three years ago in Rome, starting her walk through this world with MaestroBD. At the beginning she was just interested in Shibari from an artistic and photographic perspective. Then she understood that ropes had the [...]

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Coldeyes is a Pole Dance teacher and a Kinbaku performer. She discovered Kinbaku in 2015 thanks to Andrea of La Quarta Corda, with whom she realized various photographic projects such as Keibatsu, inspired by traditional Japanese tortures. Coldeyes and Andrea have become partners in ropes and life and they teach and perform in Italy and at important [...]

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La Quarta Corda

Andrea is the rope artist of La Quarta Corda. He's interested in the most traditional Japanese bondage. He studied in Japan with Akira Naka and Haruki Yukimura. La Quarta Corda's style is based on communicating through ropes. His ropes create a connection of empathy and an energetic exchange with the partner, a very intense Kinbaku focused on controlling [...]

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Red Lily

Red ropes that build love connections: this is Red Lily's bondage. Red Lily is a performer and Shibari teacher. She started her path towards becoming a rigger many years ago, at first as an apprentice, then as MaestroBD's assistant. She continued the study of Shibari with different teachers all around the world, following courses of [...]

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Sarca is a polyhedric autodidact artist. As a rigger, he feels like a sculptor: the model is both his muse and his sculpture. Aesthetics, choreography and scenic impact are the main points of  his own personal style. That's why photography is very important to him. With the Opera singer Winter, his partner in ropes and life, [...]

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Canitt is a Spanish rigger from Barcelona and he discovered his interest in shibari at the end of 2015. He first approached to western style bondage, as a way to explore an alternative sexuality, when he came through japanese traditional shibari, finding it curious, interesting and teasing. Searching around for more information he met Liricaa Lamat, who [...]

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