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KissmedeadlyDoll is a NYC based designer, rope lover, and avid self-suspender. After discovering her love of rope as a demo model, she quickly began recreating and practicing ties on her own.. thus starting her foray into obsessive amounts of auto-bondage and suspension. Primarily self taught through trial and error, four and a half years later [...]

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La Quarta Corda

Andrea is the rope artist of La Quarta Corda. He's interested in the most traditional Japanese bondage. He studied in Japan with Akira Naka and Haruki Yukimura. La Quarta Corda's style is based on communicating through ropes. His ropes create a connection of empathy and an energetic exchange with the partner, a very intense Kinbaku focused on controlling [...]

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Osaka Dan

Osaka Dan discovered the art of Japanese Rope Bondage whilst on a working holiday in Osaka, Japan in the late 00’s. He began studying with Kazami Ranki in 2012, consequentially becoming the first foreigner granted permission to teach Kazami style. Since then, he has opened a successful school in Toronto (the Toronto Kinbaku Salon), and [...]

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Red Lily

Red ropes that build love connections: this is Red Lily's bondage. Red Lily is a performer and Shibari teacher. She started her path towards becoming a rigger many years ago, at first as an apprentice, then as MaestroBD's assistant. She continued the study of Shibari with different teachers all around the world, following courses of [...]

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Sarca is a polyhedric autodidact artist. As a rigger, he feels like a sculptor: the model is both his muse and his sculpture. Aesthetics, choreography and scenic impact are the main points of  his own personal style. That's why photography is very important to him. With the Opera singer Winter, his partner in ropes and life, [...]

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Her discover with ropes and BDSM world started at the end of 2012, the curiosity took her in front of some yaoi manga, but the very first kinbaku session was a couple of weeks after when she met Kirigami and found her passion for rope torture and pain endurance. In 2013 she performed as model [...]

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