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Mildred S. Pierce

Mildred S. Pierce is a rope bottom performer, photographer, and bondage enthusiast. She has participated in live shows as a rope performance artist throughout New York City with her creative counterpart Kissmedeadlydoll. They have also worked closely together in collaborative photo series. MILDRED’s love and dedication for rope, plastic mummification, and the community has immensely [...]

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Kissmedeadlydoll is a NYC based designer, rope lover, and avid self-suspender. After discovering her love of rope as a demo model, she quickly began recreating and practicing ties on her own.. thus starting her foray into obsessive amounts of auto-bondage and suspension. Primarily self taught through trial and error, four and a half years later [...]

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Gestalta’s approach to shibari has evolved as the result of over a decade of practice on both sides of the ropes and a broad range of influences which she appropriates, mixes and develops in her own practice. She absorbed much of her rigging technique as a natural process of observation and experience from inside the [...]

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Edna tied her first knots in 2011 and since then she developed her very own style of tying. She learned how to tie from many excellent riggers (including Gorgone, Riccardo Wildties, Yoroi Nicolas and many others) and likes to combine traditional shibari techniques with nonorthodox ways of tying. When she ties she often challenges her [...]

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Osaka Dan

Osaka Dan discovered the art of Japanese Rope Bondage whilst on a working holiday in Osaka, Japan in the late 00’s. He began studying with Kazami Ranki in 2012, consequentially becoming the first foreigner granted permission to teach Kazami style. Since then, he has opened a successful school in Toronto (the Toronto Kinbaku Salon), and [...]

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Sophia Rose

I have always been interested in exploring my own sexuality and curious about societies attitudes towards what is "normal". I first encountered shibari around the end of 2013 after a few years exploring the BDSM scene, since then I have continuously discovered a whole new realm of pleasure, freedom and possibilities through my experiences in [...]

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