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Purchase your pre-sale ticket and get:

  • 5 Days
  • 60 hours of Bondage
  • 28 top international performers and teachers
  • 14 Workshops with italian riggers and bunnies
  • 16 Masterclasses with foreign riggers and bunnies
  • 17 Shows
  • Permanent Bondage Area open from 11am till Midnight constantly supervised by all the guest riggers and bunnies
  • Permanent Play Area open from 11am till Midnight
  • Photoset
  • Bar&Food
  • Stands&Shops
  • A Ritual The Club event


www.romebondageweek.comRome Bondage Week // Ritual Rome Bondage Week Edition // RBW Peer Rope Opening Party // RBW Discovering the Art of BondageRome Bondage Week is the first Italian festival entirely dedicated to the Art of Bondage.It's produced by Ritual The Club, the first Modern Fetish Party in Italy, born in Rome in 1999, that represents Torture Garden as Torture Garden Italy. From the experience of Extreme Clubbing, Ritual The Club has created Ritual LAB, the division focused on the didactic, artistic and sociocultural aspects of Fetish, BDSM and Erotism.Ritual LAB promotes initiatives related to the artistic and performative disciplines of the world of alternative sexuality and subcultures, in constant dialogue with the instances of contemporary arts, from Design to Body Art.The Art Director of Ritual LAB and Rome Bondage Week is the famous italian rigger and performer Red Lily.Rome Bondage Week arises from a need of knowledge and sharing.The festival aims to explore and spread the culture and aesthetics of Bondage in its most different forms, from the japanese tradition to the contemporary Western experimentations, through workshops, performances, peer-ropes, cultural and playful events with international riggers and performers.

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